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In 2019, we became Nike’s ‘Move To Zero’ partner in Turkey.

Everything started with the phrase ‘we want to make your dream come true.’

Yes, that was the first sentence of our initial meeting with Nike. Public space transformation was one of our biggest dreams at the time. And we transformed a 3,400 square meter area in Kalamış, one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul.

More about the project

Second biggest collaboration: Hope Alkazar Creative Studio.

After the Kalamış project, we rolled up our sleeves for our second dream and in late 2021, we opened the Creative Studio at HOPE Alkazar, the cultural, artistic, sports, and creative hub gifted to the creative industry by Nike, to everyone.”

More about Creative Studio

We continue to work with Nike to develop the creative industry and to transform the talents of communities into value.

 We accompany the brand on its “Move To Zero” journey in areas such as team workshops, creative store integrations, event curation, product design and so on.

Team Workshops

We conduct participatory training and workshops to enhance Nike team’s capacity in terms of Move to Zero, sustainability, and beyond.

Panel Curation

Trash to Good is a panel series that brings together the experiences of those who approach the sustainability theme from different perspectives with the audience.

Workshop and Event Design

We develop and implement ideas for Nike’s special days throughout the year, such as Air Max Day.