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It all started with a question: Is an ice-cream stick just an ice-cream stick?

Together with Wall’s Max, we aimed to inspire millions of people who taste our ice-creams every day on how ice cream sticks can turn from waste into airplanes, pen holders, birdhouses and dozens of other ideas and invited all parents and children to PLAY for a more sustainable world!

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After getting awarded by many local marketing contests our project became a WINNER in the 2023 EMEA Sabre Awards as well! Cheers to that! ♛

End-to-end campaign design

We created a world out of ice-cream sticks. We included lots of sticks, various colors of paint, and tools for customization in the PR kits we prepared. We then sent them to influencers along with our friends and family. We wanted them to join this upcycling movement with their own creativity and inspire those around them.

Shall we take a look at what they did?

We crafted a street art project entirely out of ice-cream sticks.

We collaborated with talented illustration artist Dilara Akbal from our community to bring the character to life, along with influencers, and placed it on a street in Istanbul.

We inspired children in our advanced upcycling workshops

So far, through the workshops we’ve raised advanced upcycling awareness among over 400 children.