We hacked the streets of Balat with Onaranlar Kulübü volunteers with the Urban Hacking Workshop organized as part of Design Week Turkey. The workshop lasted for 2 weekends with 12 participants selected for the urban hacking workshop, aimed to provide participants with knowledge and experience on new generation production technologies.

We explored the concept of urban design by examining How can we contribute to the environment we live in? approach, and we took to the streets of Balat for the interventions we had in mind. We first identified the areas we would hack by exploring the field, visualized what we planned to do, and started the production process by moving on to the design phase.
Thanks to Design Week Turkey, we made many interventions and installations on the streets of Balat.

Tarih: Kasım 2018
Yer: Balat
Kategori: Kent Hackleme Atölyeleri