With Cafe Reparo, launched together with the Red Bull Basement programme,
which supports the new generation of technology entrepreneurs, hackers and
code writers, we took part in various events in Istanbul throughout 2019 and
repaired the broken items of the participants with our volunteer team. Cafe Reparo was setup as a repair session that we designed to bring broken electronic items back to life.

Converted from an old wheelbarrow by the Design -Trak design team, our station contained a 3D printer, hand tools, and electronic prototyping tools. With the tools at hand, we repaired broken items such as hand vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, charging cables, external batteries of the participants who came by to our station throughout the day.

Date: 2019
Location: Marketing Meetup (Volkswagen Arena), Bogazici University (Red Bull
Basement Festival), Festtogether (Küçükçiftlik Park)
Category: Fixing Workshop