We partnered up with WWF Market, and curated an experience store where the visitors would come in and have faulty products fixed with various application methods. Within the series of workshops held in the Fix & Play Store, we created the Fix & Play Workshop to have participants experience fixing and customization techniques.

We believe that textile products that are labeled as faulty are in fact unique.

Thanks to the Fix & Play Workshop we created in partnership with WWF Market, we had the opportunity to introduce maker culture to the participants by having them fixing faulty WWF textile products. Located on the -2nd floor of Kanyon Shopping Mall, the workshop area was equipped with sewing machines, fixing kits and textile tools. Our objective was to introduce some of the essential fixing techniques to the workshop participants. We had four different stations in the workshop area where the participants could go and experience the following: fixing with hand tools, sewing using a sewing machine, embroidery using a needle punch and textile products printing by using heat press.

There are many more workshops and events hosted in the Fix & Play Store to raise awareness towards fast fashion and to introduce maker culture. As Onaranlar Kulübü, we will be sharing production, fixing and development methods with visitors and demonstrating the processes in practice within the scope of the workshops and events we are hosting.

Date: November 6, 2021
Location: Kanyon, Levent
Workshop Contributors: Ceylan Şenkal, Selahattin Şenkal
Project Team: Ufuk Emin Akengin, Mervenaz Çiçekdiken, Cansu Gaytancıoğlu, İlgi Olçay, Nilüfer Aksu Aytekin Gezici, Doğukan Güngör