We celebrated the year of 2022, the birth year of George Jetson, one of the main characters of the unforgettable cartoon of our childhood, The Jetsons,  with this street installation.

We did not forget to add the iconic spaceship of the Jetsons family to the street installation. We mounted the street installation on to a wall in Beşiktaş area with Selsil adhesives.

Onaranlar Kulübü volunteer designer Derin Gürgün designed the concept of the installation. For production, 3D printed pieces, wooden plates and plexi materials were used. We modified the spaceship model from thingiverse.com and printed it using 3D printers. The Jetsons figures were painted on the wood we cut with laser cutters. We enhanced the composition of the installation by cutting a plexi plate to give a glass effect to the spaceship.

Date: March 2022
Location: Beşiktaş
Category: Street Installation
Concept Designer: Derin Gürgün
Painting: Cansu Gaytancıoğlu
Supporting Brand: Selsil
3D Print Support: Proboyut
Project Team: Cansu Gaytancıoğlu, Aytekin Gezici, Mervenaz Çiçekdiken, Doğukan Güngör, Ufuk Emin Akengin, Nilüfer Aksu