With the support of Municipality of Kadıköy, Kalamış Park Collective Transformation Project was initiated by Nike, which believes in the power of sports to move the world forward, and Onaranlar Kulübü which believes in the unifying power of production. In the park area of approximately 3400 m2, the functionality of the park was increased and users were provided with a community space where they could move freely and enjoy their time.

We kick started the Collective Transformation Project by taking into account the needs of the real owners of the park. With this motivation, we invited regular park visitors and athletes to the site with an open call and listened to their needs. We designed the process together from start to finish – thanks to all the feedback received.

In addition to renovating the movement areas such as the skateboard track, basketball court, beach volleyball court and running track, we installed a bicycle park, a skateboard repair table, lockers, recycling bins, picnic tables and hammocks to the area. For the basketball court and running track, we used Nike Grind material, which is made from recycled waste from the production and consumption of Nike products.

The graphic design of the renovated ground were made up of the colors and forms that represent production, fixing, sharing and movement concepts with reference to the colors offered by the physical environment.

After months of collective work, this space is now ours to cherish. Play, move, produce and share freely, because no one can stop sports and no one can stop us!

Date: September 2020
Location: Kalamış Atatürk Parkı, İstanbul
Category: Urban Intervention
Designers: Başak Bakkaloğlu, Cemal Çobanoğlu, Umut Erkin Güngör
Floor Graphic Designer: Kien (Ümit Şentürk)
Skatepark Application: Cino Skatepark, Madparx
Brand Communication: Doğukan Güngör, Nilüfer Aksu
Project Coordination: Ufuk Emin Akengin, Aytekin Gezici, Umut Erkin Güngör
Prime Contractor: Bluechip
Photography: Yerçekim
Woven Installation: Fırat Neziroğlu and his team
Video Production: Halkekmag
Drone: Batur Seçilmiş, Halkekmag