Within the scope of Lüleburgaz Municipality's "2018 Innovation and Design Year", we hacked the streets of Lüleburgaz together. For Lüleburgaz Urban Hacking Workshop, we got together with Onaranlar Kulübü volunteers and made various interventions on the streets.

● The workshop was held on October 20, 21 and 28 in the streets of Lüleburgaz.
● Wall painting and 3D printed planter installation.
● The fixing bee mural, railing and ventilation painting
● Mehmet Başaran Park seating units

We spent very enjoyable days producing, fixing and sharing together. We would like to thank the Municipality of Lüleburgaz for introducing us to the maker scene of Lüleburgaz and our dear Onaranlar Kulübü volunteers who made these magnificent interventions happen!

Date: 20, 21 ve 28 October 2018
Location: Lüleburgaz streets
Category: Urban Hacking Workshop