Inspired by the Little Free Library, LFL, initiative based in the US, we built our very first street library in Fenerbahçe Park.

This public library project was designed to encourage its users to keep the library sustainable with their own initiative. We had Onaranlar Kulübü volunteers helping us to bring our little free library to life. In four months, we designed the process, gathered required materials and opened the library to public use.

Major shout outs to Onaranlar Kulübü volunteers for making this happen, to Gram Games for being with us from day one, to Kadıköy Municipality for giving us the space we needed in Fenerbahçe Park, to Tasarım Atölyesi Kadıköy organization for hosting us in their work space, to 3Dörtgen for providing us with the 3D print materials, and to our community for donating tons of books, reminding us that what is being done collectively is always the most precious thing we have!

Cheers to many more!

Date: June 2017
Location: Fenerbahçe Parkı, Kadıköy
Category: Street Installation