We installed 3D printed Bart, Batman and Hulk figures on downspouts in Moda,
Kadıköy as a part of Urban Hacking event hosted by Istanbul Comics and Art
Festival in 2016.
In addition to the workshop, we also setup a booth in the event
area where we had the chance to meet urban hacking enthusiasts. We had the
mock-ups of all the works we had done so far – so, our display setup was ready
from day one. To have the visitors of our booth experience 3D printing, we brought
our 3D printer along with us!
The display also included the designs we came had come up with during the
workshop. In the course of the festival, we also had a chance to display the flower
pots that Gülfem Boke, one of OK volunteers, had designed for us.

Date: 2016
Location: Moda, Kadıköy
Category: Onarma Atölyeleri