For a really long time, no one has ever asked us what we do with our waste. And now, we’re at times where there are a lot of information out there that we don’t  now how to make use of. Together with our panelists, we discussed the waste issue caused by the linear economy and alternative solutions through their own practices. We discussed the following: What do they do to prevent waste from becoming garbage? What can we do? To answer these questions, Onaranlar Kulübü hosted the first panelists of Trash to Good.


Alt Üst – Selen Konuk

After graduating from Bilgi University with a degree in architecture, she worked as an exhibition designer at Future Anecdotes. She co-founded Alt Üst  in 2019 with Şahin Paksoy and Selin Karcı. Alt Üst is a brand that accepts  sustainability as a principle, produces upcycled clothes and shares this practice through workshops.

Esmiyor – Utku Güven

He is one of the co-founders of Esmiyor Podcast together with Derin Altan. Creating podcast episodes that explore the climate crisis from a 360-degree  angle, Esmiyor, also provides a platform for people working on the climate crisis. Utku Güven, who studied law and economics at Istanbul Bilgi University, has been working and executing projects in the field of human rights in local and international organizations for many years. Besides climate action, outdoor sports and web3 are among his other passions.

This is Mana – Damla Özenç

After completing International Trade degree, she worked in various positions in online product development, sales, customer relations, online marketing departments in the private sector for 6 years, and then started the theoretical  and practical research that formed the infrastructure of Mana in 2018. In 2019,  she founded Mana, a social enterprise based on gender equality, and  socially responsible production and consumption. Mana is a social enterprise  that designs sustainable income models and projects for communities.

Toyi – Elif Atmaca

Elif is the co-founder of Toyi, a Turkish social enterprise that designs play experiences that aim to support children’s creativity and imagination. Designed to enable children to create the toys of their dreams with the objects they find around them, Elif’s creative play kit has received if DESING AWARD  2021, Parent’s Choice Gold Award, Independent Toy Award, Play Creators Award. Today, Toyi enables children in 12 countries to develop their creative potential and upcycling skills. Together with Toyi, the founders of the brand work to make the world a more playful place by designing free play materials that prioritize children’s rights. Elif loves to talk about and discuss design for children’s rights and sustainable play.