Supported by Join and Blend, we hosted the Urban Hacking Workshop with
#DışınaÇık in Moda, Kadıköy on November 25-28 and December 5.

The  designs created by 12 Onaranlar Kulübü volunteers inspired by the #DışınaÇık theme took their place at various spots Caferağa, Moda. Onaranlar Kulübü designers intervened in these spots with 8 different urban furniture designs that came to life after a total of two weekends of training, exploration, design, production and implementation sessions. After the orientation and training sessions that took place in the HoodBase space, we went out on the streets of Moda to explore areas to be “hacked”; At the end of the workshop, we had various original designs inspired by the DışınaÇık theme with Onaranlar Kulübü touch. In the Urban Hacking Workshop with DışınaÇık, we used 3D printers, CNC and laser cutting production tools for the production of urban furnitures. As for the design phase, we used 3D modelling techniques and various design programs such as 3DMax, ZBrush, Blender, Rhino and Adobe Photoshop. The final designs were painted by the volunteer participants and then installed to their places. With the designs located in 8 different spots in Moda, community areas were created for urbanites as well as street hacks.

The main objective of our project was to provide a platform for generating ideas, designing and producing that would increase communities’; belonging to their own city at the intersection of participation and inclusiveness principles.

Date: November 25-28 and December 5, 2021
Location: Moda, Kadıköy
Category: Urban Hacking Workshop
Supporting Stakeholders: Pomus, HoodBase, 3dörtgen
Supporting Brand: Join & Blend
Designer Team: Beyza Artunç, Beyza Özmen, Beyza Zeytun, Çağla Şahin, Derin Gürgün, Ece Şengül, Efay İzel Tan, Fatih Şahin, Hera Akçay, Mert Uğur Taşçı, Pelin Nur Karabay, Yunus Emre Boz, İlgi Olçay
Project Team: Ufuk Emin Akengin, Mervenaz Çiçekdiken, Cansu Gaytancıoğlu, İlgi Olçay, Nilüfer Aksu Aytekin Gezici, Doğukan Güngör