As Onaranlar Kulübü, we took action with Aksa Akrilik İyilik Takımı volunteers for a vocational high school in Yalova and carried out hacking and design interventions to help students have more enjoyable time at their schools.

We intervened the high school with the participation of 50 volunteers from Aksa Akrilik İyilik Takımı team, school students and teachers. Within the scope of the project, we painted the interior and exterior facades of the school with fun designs, and we met the school's need for library and outdoor socialization area with furniture units that we designed and produced together with the participants.

The production workshop focused on working together, collective production, strengthening group dynamics and using imagination. The day of the  workshop was split into four main phases: introduction, exploration, design  and production. Various graphic designs were applied to the monochrome  exterior facade of the gym by @ilgiolcy, and the wall of the entrance was  painted with illustrations of @ugur.acil. A community space, garden library and table tennis units were designed and built with the wood and pallets waiting to be used in the inventory. Throughout the project, participants used various production and fixing methods and put the learning outcomes into practice with the trainings provided by the project team.

Date: November 2022
In collaboration with Aksa Akrilik
Project Location: Yalova
Project Manager: Aytekin Gezici
Project Assistant: Mervan Önen
Social Media Communication: Mervenaz Çiçekdiken
Furniture Designers: Cansu Gaytancıoğlu, Mervan Önen
Illustration: Uğur Acil
Mural Artist: İlgi Olcay
Photography and Video: Flashbang Productions