Streets are our playground! To have everyone keep playing, we fixed broken bars with the iconic XOX game.

We wanted to turn the area into a playground by repairing the broken bars of the apartment building with XOX play  elements we encountered during the exploration phase. At the end, the broken urban furniture was fixed and replaced with the XOX game that passers-by could interact with.

Thanks to Onaranlar Kulübü volunteer designer Beyza Özmen, the area was fixed with fun elements and turned into a playground. Within the scope of the project, 9 wooden cubes were produced and cut, and glass mirror chips were glued on these cubes. In this way, the street view was integrated into the design. We used Selsil adhesives to glue the chips and cubes.

Date: February 2022
Location: Kadıköy
Category: Street Installation
Concept Designer: Beyza Özmen
Project Application: Cansu Gaytancıoğlu
Supporting Brand: Selsil
Project Team: Ufuk Emin Akengin, Mervenaz Çiçekdiken, Cansu Gaytancıoğlu, Nilüfer Aksu, Aytekin Gezici, Doğukan Güngör