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Upcycling Workshops

In partnership with Selsil

It is a workshop series aimed at providing participants with practical skills in upcycling various waste materials using basic production tools and equipment.

With this workshop series, we focus on experiences such as creating new products by utilizing waste materials, developing craftsmanship skills, and gaining practical knowledge in the public domain.

Partnership with Selsil

What is the purpose of Upcycling Workshops?

  • To revitalize and enhance participants’ sense of belonging to their city and environment through a focus on production and sharing,

  • To raise awareness about sustainability concepts such as upcycling, recycling, zero waste, reusing, waste valorization, repair, and do-it-yourself practices,

  • To create a networking environment for young people aspiring to pursue a career in the creative industry,

  • To establish a platform for sharing experiences among artists, craftsmen, designers, engineers, students, and hobby enthusiasts.

Where, when?

Upcycling Workshops take place in various repair spaces on specific days every month. You can follow our Instagram page to stay updated on the dates and locations of the workshops or subscribe to our mailing list. Additionally, you can check this page for updates.


The workshops and application content are currently conducted in Turkish language.