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Initiating Sustainability Movement with Levi’s

We teamed up with Levi’s in line with their global and local commitment to responsible production and consumption policies, and initiated a sustainability movement.

In the first step of the Sustainability Movement, we placed upcycling boxes in Levi’s stores and made an open call for users to drop off their unused jeans, regardless of the brand, into these boxes.

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* Available in Turkish only for now

So, what did we do with the wasted jeans collected in the boxes?

Could we hack the city using wasted jeans? 

We made an open call to utilize the collected waste. We selected 12 participants and asked them to come up with ideas to hack the streets of Istanbul using the jeans as well.

Check out the results in the video!

More about the project

Upcycling Designathon: Waste Jeans Transformed into New Products by Young Designers!

With the Sustainability Movement we initiated in 2021 with Levi’s, we collected waste/unused jeans in advanced upcycling bins placed in Levi’s stores and transformed them into new products with the 12 young designers who participated in the designathon

More about the project*

* in Turkish for now

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