Past and Future, Virtual and Real Converge in a Single Entity

The evolution of technology is transcending the boundaries of daily life, reshaping our cultural fabric. This metamorphosis not only leads to a new paradigm in street art but also redefines our perspective on the environment, fostering the evolution of new ideas.

Our Modern Mona Lisa project symbolizes this integration, realized through the use of 3D printing technology. The sculpture, referencing technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, and artificial intelligence, aims to exist in both physical and digital contexts, creating a platform where the past and future intersect.

Located on Şişli Av. Süreyya Ağaoğlu Street, this street installation represents a synthesis of cultural and technological dialogues, offering the local community a perspective that transcends the boundaries of both fields. Blending the timeless visage of Mona Lisa with modern technologies, it presents participants with a dual reality perception

Project Support: Selsil
Project Coordinator: Ufuk Emin Akengin
Concept Design: Mervenaz Çiçekdiken Umut Erkin
3D Artist: Fatih Şahin
3D Printing Operation and Post Process: Burak Yazoğlu
Application: Aytekin Gezici Ufuk Emin Akengin, Ayşe Güler, Fatih Şahin, Mervan Önen
Photo and Video Production: İki Eşittir Bir, Fırat Erdem